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Connecting with clients when you’re on the run just got easier. With goMLS Austin, you can now text, email, and chat on social media without ever leaving the app. Show your clients what’s on the market in real-time, share your favorite listings, and get their wishlist—all while on-the-go!

Two features in goMLS Austin allow you to share listings and chat with clients. The Home Assist feature allows you and your clients to chat as you would with regular text messaging. Sharing listings allows you to select a property and “share” the listing using your smartphone’s text messaging system, email, social media, or Home Assist.

Take advantage of these features and learn how to start using them below.

Share My App and Home Assist

To begin using Home Assist, you must first share the app with a client.

  1. Go to the main “My Real Estate” menu and Select Share My App.SharemyApp
  2.  Select the delivery method (text, email, social media, etc) for sharing the app. Once you select the method and select your contact, you will see a link and the app icon logo displayed in the message your contact will receive.(To share the app, you can select contacts from your phone, email directory or Matrix contacts.)
    goMLS share link
  3.  You can now chat in real time.

Your contact will need to download the app and establish their login credentials to chat on Home Assist. Once your contact downloads the app he/she will see your brand with your name and contact information.

Note: Clients with iPhones will need additional instructions when downloading the app. Please refer to these instructions when sharing the app with iPhone users.

Using Home Assist

  1. Go to the main menu and Select Home Assist.HomeAssist
  2. Select a contact and start typing a message. You may also include MLS #’s. The MLS # will link to the listing. (If you’ve created contacts in Matrix, goMLS Austin will pull these contacts into the directory. You also have the option of adding a contact. Please be advised that adding contacts using the app will not carry over into Matrix.)
    goMLS homeassist

Sharing properties

Sharing properties is one click away.

  1. Select a property using the map, list view, or gallery view.
  2. Click the Share icon at the bottom of the device. You can share your listing a number of ways:
  • Email
  • SMS Text
  • Social media like Facebook
  • Home Assist

Check out all the goMLS Austin features and if you haven't already, download the app now.


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