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ABoR MLS listings change statuses any given minute, and there are a lot of options that your listing can fit. Reference the list below to review what each MLS status means for your listing.

A (Active): A listing that is currently ready to sell or lease, and available to show.

AC (Active Contingent)

  • For Sale Listings: A listing where an offer has been received and accepted by the seller, but the sale is contingent on the sale of the buyer’s existing home.
  • For Lease Listings: A complete application has been submitted to a property with an application fee.

CS (Coming Soon): A listing is entered into CS status to gain early exposure and/or allow any finishing touches before the property is ready to show. A listing that is ready to show clients should NOT be in CS status; a listing in CS status is NOT available to show. A listing can stay in CS status for a maximum of 14 days; a CS listing will automatically update to T status if no action is taken to update listing from CS to A status.

P (Pending)

  • For Sale Listings: A contract is pending; an offer has been accepted on the property.
  • For Lease Listings: The lease has been signed.

PB (Pending Taking Backups)

  • For Sale Listings: An offer has been accepted on the property; however, the owner would like to continue taking additional offers. This status should to be used when there is an Option Period (home inspection, loan approval, etc.).
  • For Lease Listings: The application has been approved, but still accepting other credit-worthy applications before the lease has been signed.

PO (Pending Over 4 Months): Matrix automatically changes a status from P or PB to PO after 4 months. When this occurs, the listing agent must enter the Sold information or the TCD (Tentative Close Date); even if the agent is unsure of the close date, he/she should make their best guess and enter a TCD.

S (Sold): Listing status that indicates the listing has closed and/or funded. Sold information must be entered for any MLS listing that enters into Sold (S) status.

T (Temporarily Off Market): Status descriptive of a property not currently available. The property may need some additional repairs or a pause in showing.

W (Withdrawn): Status that indicates the listing is no longer available; the contract was terminated before the expiration date. Only a broker can enter a listing into W status. A property cannot be resubmitted as Active (A) until 30 days have passed from the Withdrawn date.

X (Expired): A listing will enter X status when the listing agreement has expired. Matrix automatically changes the status to X at midnight of the expiration date.

L (Leased): The listing has been leased and the tenant has taken possession of the property.

I (Incomplete): A listing status in the MLS system that does not show up on Active searches; a listing remains in I status until all of the required fields for A or CS status are filled and the status change is selected in Add/Edit.

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