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If you're new to Austin, chances are you've come across some difficult-to-say streets and towns. You should be able to say it like you spell it, right? Well not in Austin. We have a language of our own.

Just ask anyone how they pronounce Guadalupe or Manchaca. If you haven't heard the "correct" way to pronounce them, you're in for a lesson. It doesn't matter if you think the pronunciations are wrong. When in Rome, say it as the locals would.

Here are just a few commonly mispronounced names and the right way to say them:

Bexar – Bear (the “x” is silent)

Boerne – Burn-knee

Bowie – Boo-eee (not to be confused with David Bowie)

Brenham – Breh-nuhm

Buda – Byoo-dah

Burnet – Burn-it

Gruene – Green (like the color)

Guadalupe – Gwad-a-loop

Koenig – Kay-nig

Krause Springs – Krowse (like cow, not crow)

Lake Buchanan – Byoo-can-un (also acceptable: Buck-an-un)

Llano – La-no (like nano)

Manchaca – Man-Chack

Manor – May-ner

Mueller – Miller (Often pronounced “Myoo-lur”, but the original family name was pronounced “Miller”)

Pedernales River – Pur-den-a-lis or Ped-er-nal-is (either way works)

San Jacinto – San Juh-sin-toe or San Jack, if you're laid back

Did you already know most of these? If so, you're a local rockstar.

It's important to know that while historically, culturally, and grammatically these names might be pronounced differently, we should embrace that this is how Austinites pronounce these streets, towns, and places. It's part of our own culture and how we live up to our "Keeping Austin Weird" mantra.


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