A New Era of Coming Soon (CS) Status

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If you've used Matrix's Coming Soon (CS) since its launch last September, then you'll appreciate the new CS input process.


  • The Coming Soon (CS) status input process has improved to reduce frustrations when updating your CS listing into Active (A) status
  • You will no longer see the Coming Soon input form until after your listing has been saved as Incomplete
  • You can now capture all Auto-Fill data from Tax or Existing Listing for CS listings, meaning you won't need to manually input the data going from CS to A

Does this sound familiar?

You Fill from Tax, enter your listing into CS status, and when you're ready to update the listing to Active (A), you notice that most of your Auto-Fill fields are empty! You're then forced to fill all of the remaining required fields manually, costing you time and possibly causing a tension headache.

Well, bid that unpleasant experience adieu, as it has gone the way of the floppy disk! With the new CS status input process, you'll maximize the handy Auto-Fill tool every time.

What to Know: The Updated Coming Soon (CS) Input Process

  • When you visit Add/Edit to enter a new listing, you'll notice that the Coming Soon Input Forms for each property type are no longer listed there—but you can still use Coming Soon!
  • You'll start with the normal Input Form for your property type, Fill from Tax or Fill from Existing Listing, and save your listing as Incomplete.
    • You won't be able to miss the new, fuchsia reminder about this change on the Status tab.

  • Once your listing is saved as Incomplete, re-visit Add/Edit, select the listing, and choose the Coming Soon Input Form.
  • You'll see the value in this change when you're making your CS listing Active (A)...all of your Auto-Fill fields will be completed!
  • Download these step-by-step instructions of the entire process.
  • Visit ABoR.com/ComingSoon for more information.

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