Why Central Texas REALTORS® Should Care About Smart Growth

Does the term “Smart Growth” sound familiar to you? You may have heard the term used to describe a particular style of neighborhood or development, but what does it really mean and why should REALTORS® take note?

There are three major reasons as to why it is important for Central Texas REALTORS® to understand the concept of Smart Growth:

  1. Smart Growth is about quality of life

For REALTORS®, Smart Growth takes in to consideration much more than the interior characteristics of a home; it considers details such as the ease of access to shopping and restaurants, distance between work and home, proximity to schools and parks for children, and much more. Smart Growth is the complete package and one that prospective buyers should be aware of when purchasing a home and something that sellers need to understand when securing a competitive sale price.

2. Smart Growth helps drive economic growth

Massive upcoming economic investment is going into area developed with Smart Growth ideas. One of the central tenets of Smart Growth are mixed-use developments, which allow people to live, work, and play in close proximity. Other principles like variety of housing and transportation choice correlate with lower costs, better values, and stable, vibrant communities where people want to live and visit. That includes lower taxes too!

3. Austin is currently rewriting its Land Development Code

As Austin works to rewrite its Land Development Code (CodeNEXT) based on its adopted plan (Imagine Austin), it is important for REALTORS® to understand the role that Smart Growth plays in community development and planning. REALTORS® need to effectively advise and advocate on behalf of their clients

Learn More About Smart Growth

Earn 4 CE hours and learn more about the benefits of Smart Growth at NAR’s Smart Growth for the 21st Century course on Tuesday, August 29 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at ABoR HQ. NAR’s 2014 Chair of the Smart Growth Advisory Board and their most experienced instructor, John Rosshirt, will be teaching, so this is a course you won’t want to miss!

Photo source: Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


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