Your New and Improved Member Portal

Your member portal just got a fresh face lift–and it's looking mighty fine! With a new and improved design, you can now fulfill a multitude of tasks and activities you weren't able to easily do before. Here's what the new member portal has in store for you:

  • An intuitive design, which helps reduce the time spent hunting down what you need.
  • Easy access to what's important—like paying membership dues and registering for classes
  • Simplified payment process to facilitate viewing and selecting the invoices you want to pay.
  • At-a-glance profile display with clear editing capability. Make quick updates when you need them!

Your member portal might have changed (for the better), but logging in hasn't. Visit, go to My Account, and Login with your credentials. Want to learn more about the portal? View the video above for more details. Excited to see the portal already? Log-in here.



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