2022 ABoR Bylaws Vote

Voting for the 2022 Bylaw amendments has now closed and the results are in! Both Revision #1 and Revision #2 have passed with 86.1% and 92.1% approval, respectively. See the full, tallied results here.

What are the Changes?

Bylaws Revision #1 | Changes to the Articles IV and V Regarding Emeritus Members

On December 1, 2021, the ABoR Board of Directors passed a motion to update Article IV (f) and Article V (Section 5.6) of the Bylaws regarding the Emeritus Status Members and Privileges that would affect approximately 50 members of ABoR.

Rationale: Using the qualifications and definitions from NAR for Emeritus status, there was nothing to indicate that Emeritus members should not have all rights and privileges of REALTOR® members given their contributions and experience in the industry.

This recommendation came from the Governing Policy Committee, a subset of Directors, whose charge is to ensure the Governing Policies align with, and supplement the Bylaws, and are consistent and clear as they relate to the governance of the Association. The Committee was tasked with reviewing the Emeritus section of the Bylaws and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Staff communication with NAR conveyed that in addition to the waiver of National dues, all other rights and privileges remained with Emeritus status. These changes seem consistent with this precedent. This supports the strategic vision of Elevating our Industry by enhancing both the leadership and professionalism of the REALTOR® brand.

Bylaws Revision #2 | Changes to Article V Regarding Professional Standards Services

On February 2, 2022, the ABoR Board of Directors passed a motion to update Article V (Section 5.8) of the Bylaws reflecting authorization of Texas REALTORS® to provide Professional Standards Services.

Rationale: Texas REALTORS® handles and manages the NAR professional standards requirement for boards to adopt and enforce the NAR Code of Ethics. Annually, ABoR and all local Associations sign the Texas REALTORS® Cooperative Agreement for Professional Standards services authorizing Texas REALTORS® to provide the service. The 2022 Cooperative Agreement requires Bylaws authorization for Texas REALTORS® to perform this service. Therefore, legal counsel suggests this simple housekeeping edit to meet that requirement.

NAR Mandated Bylaws Revision (no vote required)

On November 15, 2021, the NAR Board of Directors passed a motion to amend the Mandatory Bylaw Provisions for Local Associations to define “good standing” as it relates to REALTOR® association membership, concisely express the privileges and obligations of REALTOR® members, and assist associations by more clearly defining the behaviors that can lead to disciplinary action of a REALTOR® member.

Rationale: In light of the increase of complaints alleging unprofessional conduct at the state and local levels, many associations have found the language regarding the enforcement of membership duties to be both vague and difficult to interpret effectively. As such, this recommendation expresses the intent of these membership duties more clearly. The revisions to the Mandatory Bylaw Provisions for Local Associations appear in Exhibit F (underscoring indicates additions, strikeouts indicate deletions.)

Click here to see the full red-lined version of the Bylaws. 


How do I Vote?

On Monday, February 14, you will receive an email from ElectionBuddy at invitations@mail.electionbuddy.com indicating that the ballot is open for voting. Go ahead and whitelist this email address to ensure you receive the email.

The email will contain a unique ballot URL that will enable you to vote through Friday, February 18 at 5:00 p.m. If you have election-related questions, please email ElectionBuddy Support at abor@electionbuddy.com.

In addition to the email, eligible members will also receive a text message with a unique link to cast their vote. Members may cast their vote only once through either the email or text message link. Once you have voted, you will not be able to vote a second time through the alternative option.

Who Can Vote?

Any Primary and Secondary REALTOR® members of the Austin Board of REALTORS® in good standing are eligible to vote and will receive an email with a unique ballot URL on Monday, February 14.


For questions about the proposed Bylaws changes, please email executive@ABoR.com.