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ABoR Bylaws Vote Results: November 2018

From November 12-16, 2018, ABoR conducted a membership vote regarding proposed revisions to the ABoR Bylaws. These changes have passed, with 85.6 percent voting in favor of the proposed changes.  The new bylaws, which you can access here, take effect immediately. Our official bylaws page will be updated later today.

What did the changes do?

The revisions passed in November 2018 better align our Bylaws with current Texas nonprofit corporation law, as well as cause our Bylaws to better reflect how ABoR’s membership and management are organized and function.

What other Bylaws changes have occurred this year?

In April 2018, the ABoR Bylaws were revised to include a new Board of Directors nominating and election process. These changes were passed by the ABoR Board of Directors on April 4, 2018, ratified by an ABoR membership vote ending April 20, 2018, and took effect on Saturday, April 21, 2018. The approved bylaws can be viewed here.

If you have questions about ABoR's bylaws, please submit them on the Engage Portal.


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