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Seller Disclosure Issues

I receive a substantial number of questions about disclosure statements and inspection reports. As a framework for discussing some of the issues, let me give you a situation posed by an experienced Austin broker. Read Seller Disclosure Issues to learn more.

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February 2005 Austin REALTOR®: Securing your Identity, Market Updates, and More Inside

In the February 2005 issue of Austin REALTOR®, learn how to arm yourself when it comes to protecting your email identity and account safety, read a market update, get the scoop on the 2005 State Capitol Hill Visit, and more! Get the facts—read the full issue online.

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Owner-Carried Second Liens

As interest rates increase, more buyers are looking at owner financing as a source of funds to purchase a home. Owner-Carried Second Liens focuses on transactions in which a seller of real estate is asked to carry a purchase money loan secured by a second lien against the property.

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