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Write a charming real estate bio

This post originally appeared in this month's Inman Select blog articles. Key Takeaways The key to writing a compelling bio is to be yourself and sell your skills in a paragraph or so. It can be a little daunting to write about yourself, especially in a bio that all of …

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Recap: ABoR Forum - Protecting Listing Photos

Overview The latest ABoR Forum: Protecting Listing Photos, featured three legal experts: Mitch Skinner (Owner and Managing Member of Larson Skinner, PLLC), Chloe Hecht (NAR Associate Counsel), and Joe Babb (ABoR legal counsel of Babb, Reed & Leak, PLLC) discussing copyright laws and best practices regarding listing photos in the …

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CodeNEXT and You: The View from District 2

This article was featured in the March/April 2017 issue of Austin REALTOR®. Read the full article here. CodeNEXT, the rewrite of Austin’s Land Development Code, has been ranked by many, ABoR included, as the most important issue that Austin’s city council will face this year. ABoR spoke with District 2 …

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8 listing presentation tips for first-time agents

What to do before, during, and after your first listing appointment Key takeaways: Many new businesses spend time identifying their value proposition. Real estate should be no different. There is more skill to listing a property than putting a sign in the yard and taking a few pictures. Practice objections often …

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Is real estate photography free?

As we all know, all it takes is a camera or a phone with a built-in camera to take a photo. People take pictures all day long. Some pictures are better than others because they were taken with better cameras. Modern digital cameras and smartphones are so easy to use …

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