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Selecting a Business Structure for Your Real Estate Business

Like most professionals, real estate brokers and agents are often too busy and preoccupied with the practice of their profession to give much consideration to selecting the best business structure. Most professionals begin their business as sole proprietors or in a partnership, get busy building a successful business and never …

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Assignments of Contracts

As a general rule, real estate contracts are assignable unless assignment is specifically restricted or prohibited in the contract. While real estate agents should be aware of the general rule, there are some exceptions to this rule, which will be discussed in this Legal Topics article, Assignments of Contracts. 

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Required Disclosures When Selling Stigmatized Property

Property which has been impacted by issues which do not relate to the physical condition of the property is referred to as “stigmatized property.” There is precious little guidance for brokers and agents concerning disclosure obligations when selling stigmatized property. The statutes, case law, and literature in this area is …

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