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Issues to Consider in Negotiating Rights of First Refusal

A right of first refusal (“RFR”) to purchase property is, in essence, an option to purchase property which is triggered by some event, usually the receipt by the owner of the property of an acceptable, bona fide third party offer to purchase the property. The terms of a purchase under …

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Revisiting Issues with Earnest Money and Surveys

Revisiting Issues with Earnest Money and Surveys covers two topics that have been discussed in this column before but which continue to cause issues among agents. The first of these topics is earnest money and the circumstances that entitle a buyer to receive a refund of the earnest money. Collateral to …

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New Texas Laws of Interest to Real Estate Professionals

Another session of the Texas legislature has ended, and there are many new laws that will affect real estate professionals. New Texas Laws of Interest to Real Estate Professionals discusses several of these new laws. Because of space limitations not all of the new laws affecting real estate will be covered.

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Earnest Money: Three Common Issues and Misconceptions

Earnest money and repairs are by far the two most common causes of disputes in a residential transaction. I want to address three earnest money issues: the requirement of earnest money; the seller’s remedy if the contract requires earnest money and it is not deposited; and the procedure for claiming …

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