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Timing is Everything: Setting Realistic Deadlines in Contracts

Real estate agents tend to push the envelope when setting time limits in contracts. There seems to be a consensus that lenders, title companies, lawyers, and other parties involved in a transaction do not work on the closing until forced to by deadlines set in the contract. Read Timing is …

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Thoughts on Listing Agreements: Making Property Owners Aware

When a property owner lists a property for sale with a member of Austin/Central Texas Realty Information Service (ACTRIS), the property owner typically signs the ACTRIS Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement (“listing agreement”). Rarely does a property owner ask to have the listing agreement reviewed by an attorney. Get more …

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Resolving Issues with Property Boundary Lines

Issues related to the boundary lines of a property arise fairly frequently. With rural property, it is not uncommon for boundary lines to be ambiguous or not clearly defined. With urban lots, especially in older subdivisions, similar issues may arise either because of platting errors or because surveying equipment is …

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Asset Protection for the Small Investors

Clients who own or who are purchasing real estate often have concerns about the liabilities associated with owning investment real estate. And with good cause. There are occasionally some very large judgments against property owners arising out of injury or death to tenants or their guests. Read Asset Protection for the …

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