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Outsmart Scammers and Prevent Phishing

Phishing and cyberfraud are prevalent more than ever before. We all know a friend, family member, or colleague who’s had their email hacked, a debit card compromised, and a virus on his/her computer. But if you ask a few people, most would say that they feel at most risk at …

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How to respond to 5 common consumer misconceptions

This post was previously published in January 2015 post from Texas Association of REALTORS®. You’ve heard these all before, but have you come up with the right reply? Here’s some help with what to say the next time a consumer or client says … “I could save money selling the …

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Inspecting the Inspectors

This post was previously published in a May 2015 article of REALTOR® Magazine. Mold and rot eating away at supporting beams, problems with the electrical system, plumbing issues... It’s the stuff of nightmares, but for many home owners, it’s a reality. Sometimes, undetected damage can be dangerous. Did you hear …

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Can Pets Be an Asset in Home Sales?

This post was previously published as a January 2016 REALTOR® Mag article. The real estate business traditionally has shown scant love for pets. The conventional wisdom held that sellers should conceal all traces of their dogs or cats—the toys, bowls, beds, even the animals themselves—when prepping a home for sale. …

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Dealing With Multiple Offers

Every five to seven years, multiple offers seem to become a hot topic. This is one of those times. I suspect that most of you have had to deal with multiple offers in the last few months because the market is currently a seller’s market. I thought a review of …

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