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Seminar: Everything You Need to Know About Residential Permitting

This seminar is everything you wanted to know about residential permitting but was afraid to ask. Have your clients ever asked any of the following? Do I need a permit to add a new deck? Did the previous owners fully permit their plumbing update with a licensed professional? Are there …

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Homesnap is Here! Claim Your Homesnap Pro Account

Your newest ABoR MLS member benefit and home search option, Homesnap, is now live in our market! And as an ABoR MLS subscriber, you have access to a free Homesnap Pro account. What can a Homesnap Pro account do for you? Access to agent-exclusive, MLS-only data within Homesnap Create a …

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Governance, Not Government

Over the last few weeks, ABoR has received several questions from members on how ABoR’s governance policies work, why they are set up in a particular way, and how the membership at large can get more involved in ABoR’s decision-making processes. The short answer is, there are lots of ways …

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ABoR Foundation Accepting Donations for Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

Residents of Houston and surrounding areas have suffered unimaginable loss as a result of Hurricane Harvey, one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit U.S. soil. During difficult times like such, it’s important for the REALTOR® community to come together and lend a helping hand to disaster victims. The …

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Stay Active (A) on Your MLS Statuses

ABoR MLS listings change statuses any given minute, and there are a lot of options that your listing can fit. Reference the list below to review what each MLS status means for your listing. A (Active): A listing that is currently ready to sell or lease, and available to show. …

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