In Person: Home Inspection 101 for Real Estate Professionals

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Jason Baker
2 CE
Monday, Jan 08, 2024
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Ethics & Professionalism, New Agent
Course #43014 | Provider #703 National Property Inspections, Inc. | 2 CE Hours

By completing this course, licensed agents will better understand how a home inspection protects home buyers and how the inspection fits into the real estate transaction, from the perspective of the agent, the seller, the buyer, and the home inspector. Topics covered in this course include liability issues for the agents and inspectors, the risk that home buyers might face when purchasing a home, the pre-inspection agreement that inspection clients sign, the standards of practice followed by inspectors, a review of a sample inspection report with Q&A about the sample report, as well as a discussion of the buyers' and sellers' possible expectations regarding property conditions and inspection findings. The goal of this course is to raise the agents' understanding of the home inspection process, in order to better protect home buyers, and to enhance the agents' ability to interact with buyers, sellers, and inspectors to increase buyer satisfaction with the real estate transaction. 

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