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With Matrix 360, you’re getting a 360 degree view of a property within Matrix (get it?). The world of public record tax information, which was previously only accessible in Realist, has wormholed to Matrix in the form of a new search option (Tax Record) and a new display (360 Property View).

This intro video shows you your whole new world, a new fantastic point of view:

Grab a Telescope

In case you practice the lost art of reading, here’s a recap of how to follow these steps in Matrix 360, plus some more in-depth information to get you started. You may as well be using a telescope with how close you’ll be viewing tax record information inside of Matrix!

Tax Record Search

  1. Under the Search menu, select “Tax Record”
  2. Enter in your criteria
    • Farming Tip! Try a search similar to what you’d do in Realist – Ex. [Owner Occupied = N] and Add “Mailing State” as a field (under Additional Fields), select [Califonia] – you’ve just narrowed your search to rental properties where the owner lives in California!
    • Farming Tip2! Want to only see properties that have been in the ABoR MLS at one point? Select the statuses under the Listing Activity Section!
  3. Click “Results”
  4. Surf through the fields of information defaulted in the Tax Grid display.
    • Tip! Customize your Tax Grid Display – Just like in the other searches...
      • Click a field label to make a column edit box appear
      • Select “Insert Column”
      • Find a tax field to add and click “Apply”
      • The new column will appear to the left; drag the column from the header section and place it where you’d like!
      • Click the gear symbol and set this display as your default


360 Property View Display

Now that you’ve executed the best search of your life, click the “PID 1” number to open up a 360 Property View. You’re presented with a full, 360 degree view of a property – from tax data, to the last listing, and most things in between. Let’s take a closer look at what each of the seven tabs gives you!

Note: this 360 Property View will be the default view on the Tax Record search; all other Search options (Residential, Farm, Cross Property, etc.) will still default to the Agent 1 Page. However, you can choose the 360 Property View as your preferred display!

  • Tax
    • The public record tax information you would find in Realist.
  • Last Listing
    • Last Listing/Listing will show the Agent 1 Page view of the property IF it’s ever been entered into the ABoR MLS. This tab will be grayed-out and unclickable if there is no ABoR MLS history for the property.
  • Photos
    • Shows the photos of the previous MLS listing.
  • History
    • A grouping of Listing History from MLS, Sale History from Public Records, and Mortgage History.
  • Parcel Map
    • A grouping of three property maps: Satellite view, Lot Dimensions view, and Neighborhood Parcel view.
  • Flood Map
    • An interactive, floodplain map with Flood Zone information about the property.
  • Foreclosure
    • If applicable to the property, an overview of foreclosure information.

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