COVID-19 Update: Stay Home, Stay Safe Order Guidance

As we’ve begun to evaluate the three shelter-in-place orders that were passed yesterday, and in consideration of additional orders expected today out of Hays County, it has become clear that overall guidance is needed now in an effort to help provide some level of continuity across our market.

Showings are Strongly Discouraged

In reviewing the three existing orders, it’s our interpretation that showing activity may be allowed in Williamson County, but it’s clearly not allowed in Travis County and the City of Austin. While some markets may allow showing activity, this is not business as usual. ABoR strongly discourages in-person showings at this time.

That said, we know there will be circumstances that require this activity and strongly encourage showing only unoccupied properties to the extent that you’re able. You should be taking extreme caution during any client or affiliate partner interaction to both protect yourself and discourage the spread of COVID-19.

Closings Should Continue as Scheduled

It’s our understanding that closings and moves that are underway can continue at this time. We encourage you to check with your affiliate partners to determine what virtual closing options are available.

The sooner our industry is a partner in compliance, the sooner our lives can return to normalcy and our market will return to its robust state. We recognize the impact of these measures, and are prepared to support you through this time. Remember that your business is not closed despite significant changes to the way that you operate. You can and will be successful if you focus on that which you have control over.

These guidelines have been prepared to the best of our ability but don't reflect full legal interpretation. Decisions made about your business practices and policies should be discussed with your broker, and brokers should continue to seek legal guidance with their attorneys as they consider such changes.

We're still working with the City of Austin, Travis County, and Williamson County to provide more specific interpretations and guidance on all three orders, and will provide you updates as soon as we know more. Please continue to visit our COVID-19 Resource Page for the latest resources and information.


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