Data Quality Assurance

The Austin Board of REALTORS® believes in providing quality data. One way we do this is through the adoption and implementation of data standardization processes which demonstrate value for all of our members. Always, our objective is to drive innovation and achieve efficiency by aligning the goals of our organization with those of leaders industrywide.

Why we do this

  • Quality data affords more successful transactions
  • Open standards strengthen the marketplace
  • Technological innovation drives the MLS industry

What to expect

As we move forward with making updates to Matrix, we will continue to collaborate with CoreLogic and the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) to ensure that the data we provide is not only clean and intuitive in the way that it is reflected in the MLS but also compliant with the open standards determined by RESO.

How this affects you

Fortunately for our members, moving toward open standardization means that documentation is openly published and comes at no cost to MLS users. Moreover, the advantage of open standardization is that the data-mapping process is reduced by 80 percent and increases the value of ubiquitous MLS data that can be transferred between marketplaces.

Why RESO matters

The maximum potential for achieving open standardization includes participating in a broader community of software developers, which will result in the advancement of data-driven tools that strengthen the real estate industry as a whole.

Like the Rosetta stone, open standards bring disparate parts together to form a unifying language that all MLSs can use to communicate data. The benefit of having this shared language is that the data and processes in place will become more intuitive over time, and permit more MLSs to work together to provide solutions for their individual members.

Our Unified Mission

ABoR believes in RESO's mission "to create and promote the adoption and utilization of standards that drive efficiency throughout the real estate industry," and we know that by achieving open standardization through the implementation of Web API Certified data feeds that we can help pave the path for more MLSs to share and obtain data. Let's get to work!


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