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Alan asked 2 years ago

The ABOR MLS is one of the most important issues to the ABOR Members.  When significant ABOR MLS issues arise, the ABOR Members must be consulted to determine the ABOR Members desires and direction for the MLS.
A current significant MLS issue is the possibility of merging the ABOR MLS with other MLS's, specifically the CenTex MLS.  This would provide a single MLS for the Austin and surrounding areas.  CenTex already includes the Temple, Ft Hood, Williamson Co, Four Rivers and Victoria Boards.  CenTex is also in discussions to include the Highland Lakes MLS, Waco MLS and possibly San Antonio MLS.  This regional MLS would provide coverage along the IH 35 / IH 37 corridor from Waco to south of San Antonio.
A regional MLS would save the ABOR Members millions of dollars each year and improve the service they provide to their clients.  The direct costs savings include multiple MLS membership fees.  The indirect costs savings includes time spent learning multiple MLS's and the time/effort spent on the daily use of multiple MLS's in overlapping area.
The ABOR Leadership has been requested to survey the ABOR Members to determine if they desire to merge with the CenTex MLS and pursue a regional MLS.  The ABOR Leadership has stated they will not perform such a survey.
The ABOR Leadership appears to have lost touch with the ABOR Members on this issue.
Can ABOR survey the ABOR Members to find out if they would like to merge with the CenTex MLS ?

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Julie Sandham answered 2 years ago

I think this is something that should be surveyed among the membership. I think it would be very valuable to combine those MLS’s. 

Stanley Martin answered 2 years ago

Thank you, Alan, for attending the recent board and MLS committee meetings. You did a good job laying out options and I agree with you that industry analysis indicates that a consolidated, regional MLS is a preferred approach. We believe that a strategic approach to these discussions will benefit our members in the long run, even if that means not acting in the short-term. And as part of that strategic approach, we’ll engage our members and ask for your input; we’ve honed in on these strategies that extend beyond just a survey – we’re setting a schedule to host focus groups, industry roundtable discussions, and forums and will use these different formats to guide this important feedback gathering. This feedback will play a critical role in how we’ll approach this topic, and we hope the membership at large shares your enthusiasm (as well as ours) for the potential here. The new strategic plan directly calls for strategic expansion of our organization and the Board of Directors will continue to engage and explore options on this objective.
Stan Martin - MLS Director

Alan answered 2 years ago

Stan, the quickest and most effective method to obtain Member feedback is to perform a survey. This will go to all the Members and provide them an opportunity to respond.
A focus group, roundtable discussion and forum will be limited to Members who can attend them and will exclude the vast majority of Members.
I find it disturbing when ABOR is creating surveys on “each and every tool that is included as part of your MLS subscription” (from Austin Realtor magazine), yet ABOR refuses to ask the Members about the big picture and direction of the MLS.
ABOR’s refusal to consolidate the MLS db is costing the ABOR Members millions of dollars annually.
The MLS consolidation problem has already been solved and the solution is readily available to ABOR. All ABOR has to do is sign up for it.
See:       https://www.abor.com/engage/abor-cease-and-desist-letter-regarding-centex-mls/
Your statement “the new strategic plan directly calls for strategic expansion of our organization” implies ABOR will become the center of the MLS consolidation. This is the last thing the ABOR Members want.  ABOR is behind the industry in the MLS consolidation and not representing the Members best interest.  There is no need for ABOR to try to duplicate a solution which is already available and in use by other Associations.  The longer ABOR drags their feet, the more it will cost the ABOR Members.
What happened to ABOR Members first ?

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