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Jennifer Kuenzler asked 1 week ago

As an independent contractor who works under a broker who owns a small business, I am quite frankly very worried about not being able to pay my bills in the coming months. I had several very strong leads I was working with who all dried up literally overnight.
My biggest concern is not being eligible for any type of stimulus assistance at all.
As an independent contractor, I will not be eligible for unemployment as W2 workers are. I am not really interested in tax deductions for next year because I need the cash now. I am not interested in a low interest loan unless it's an absolute desperate last resort. I don't need any more debt to pay off later, making it even harder to catch up. 
My client base has gone, there are no jobs anywhere that aren't risky during this virus outbreak (being around a lot of strangers working in a supermarket, for example). .... I think you see where I'm going with this. I know i am not the only one in this situation right now. There are so many of us. I just hope there is some help somewhere for us. 

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