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Ed Neuhaus asked 1 month ago

We all get these emails from agents that say something like \"buyer needs a home in XYZ area, only send unlisted properties please\". If I respond to this agent from another broker saying \"I have one coming in XYZ area.\"  Does that trigger the requirement to list it in one day to be compliant with CCP? And who is ABOR going to regulated that? Listing agent would have to tell on themselves.  

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Will Burnham answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Ed,
Thank you for your question. In this scenario, as soon as you would respond to another agent/broker outside of your office, sharing the details of your listing, that would count as public marketing. This would trigger the one business day clock to also submit the listing to the MLS for cooperation with all of the MLS's brokers.
For ABoR to reach out to a broker/agent who is out of compliance with the Clear Cooperation Policy, staff will require specific listing details (address, etc.), the listing broker/agent, and any documentation to show the listing being publicly marketed (forwarded email, screenshot, etc.). At that point, staff would then notify the listing broker and agent to educate them on the value of cooperation and that the listing must be submitted to the ACTRIS MLS to be in compliance with the policy. If/when ABoR were to get that level of information, from the listing agent or otherwise, then those steps would take place. Those inquiries would go to
I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.
All the best,
Will Burnham, MLS Supervisor

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