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Alan asked 4 months ago

The proposed ABOR Bylaw MLS section states:
“The Board of REALTORS® shall maintain for the use of its Members a Multiple Listing Service which shall be a lawful corporation of the State of Texas created pursuant to the provisions of the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act, all the stock of which shall be owned by the Board of REALTORS®.”
This states ABOR will continue to provide an MLS rather than consolidate their MLS with nearby MLS’s.
This is exactly what the ABOR Members do NOT want.
The ABOR Members want to have a single MLS rather than multiple MLS’s.
A single MLS would save the ABOR Members $5m - $10m annually in direct (multiple MLS membership fees) and indirect costs (ongoing time spent dealing with multiple MLS’s).
The ABOR Members have requested the ABOR Leaders survey the Members to determine their opinion on the MLS consolidation. The ABOR Leaders refuse to perform this survey.  At the same time, the ABOR Leadership claim “we’re creating surveys for each and every tool that is included as part of your ABOR MLS subscription”.  The ABOR Leadership is requesting the Member’s input on insignificant MLS low level details and refusing to obtain the Member’s input on the important MLS issues(s).
ABOR appears to be trying to duplicate the CenTex MLS. This is a waste of resources and is costing the ABOR Members millions of dollars annually.
The CenTex MLS business model is already in place and being used by multiple Association of Realtors. This same MLS business model is also being used in other places such as DFW.
All ABOR needs to do is join the CenTex MLS.
This single issue will cost the ABOR Members millions of dollars annually and is sufficient reason to reject the Bylaw updates.

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