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Brandon Vermelis asked 1 month ago

When will the Coming Soon Status be implemented again as an option in MLS? All I can see if that it will be finalized sometime "in June". Any exact date or idea when it will be active as an option for listings in the Austin MLS?

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Will Burnham answered 1 month ago

Hi Brandon,
Thank you for your question. The specific implementation timeline will be discussed and likely approved at the June 17 ACTRIS Board of Directors meeting. Staff will have to work with all of our vendors to bring the status back and implement the business rules, which takes some time. Once the Board of Directors finalizes the business rules and approves a timeline, we will communicate the information to all of our agents. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.
If you want to review the proposed business rules and keep an eye on specific Coming Soon (CS) status updates, visit
All the best,
Will Burnham, MLS Supervisor

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