COVID-19 Idea: Can we bring back CS Status in MLS?

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Christina McNaughton asked 2 months ago

I suggest we bring back the Coming Soon status in MLS, at least during the COVID-19 crisis.  This would allow agents to list homes that may be toured virtually until shelter-in-place orders are lifted and/or Sellers are comfortable having in-person showings.

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Erika Albert answered 2 months ago

I agree completely!

Tom Polkl answered 2 weeks ago

Now that shelter in place no longer applies and houses can be shown, CS is less useful for COVID situations.
And now that CS is being reinstated, I think it needs to be for no longer than 7 days.  Dangling a property in front of buyers saying you can't have it for 14 days feels uncooperative to me.
To prevent abuse, no showings should be allowed during the CS status.

Elaine Byrne Realty answered 2 weeks ago

Since COVID-19 is no longer an excuse, I am opposed to the CS status.  My concern is that sellers do not receive the highest and best offer due to limited exposure.  Even setting a \\\'no showings\\\' status won\\\'t work as it cannot be monitored/enforced.

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