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Chase E. Burris asked 2 weeks ago

Just a few questions from my agents,  If we go to a CS MLS status will we be able to put a coming soon sign up 14 days prior, or will all the clear cooperation rules still be in place?  Input from my TRIBE is it's still not fair to the general public to have it available per MLS and those who are not subscribed can't see this.   
If we show, per seller approval, during this proposed 14 day CS status and we get an offer how do we handle if the seller wants to accept the offer prior to MLS?

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Will Burnham answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Chase,
Thank you for discussing the update with your agents and relaying these questions.
When the CS status is available within the MLS, the same Clear Cooperation Policy rules will remain in place. The primary change will be that a Coming Soon sign (and other public marketing) could take place as long as the property was also entered into the MLS in a CS status. So any public marketing as a "coming soon" would need to align with the property also being submitted to the MLS for cooperation.
As long as the listing is in the MLS in CS status, public marketing can occur to the general public. So all cooperating brokers can see the listing within the MLS and the general public has access to the marketing that takes place outside of the MLS—both occurring simultaneously.
For your last question, the process will depend on the business rules that the Board finalizes. We will relay this scenario to ensure that you and your agents know the proper process to follow.
Thank you again for reaching out.
Will Burnham, MLS Supervisor

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