Gray Color Swatches and COVID-19

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Glen Moss asked 1 month ago

When one of our newly built homes is nearing completion, it becomes time for the buyer to select their final paint colors. With so many color choices, they often have difficulty in the decision-making process. They question if Spiced Butternut is similar to the Acorn Squash, or would the Yellow Sunshine be a better option?
To solve the dilemma, we recommend comparing all their choices by placing them next to a Gray color swatch. This method confirms for the buyer an unbiased palette and reveals the actual shade, subtleties, and tones of the project.
Because of COVID-19 pandemic pressure, some of my fellow REALTORS®, are, in my view, not furnishing their clients with the actual color of the market. Agents are enticing buyers with, “it’s a hot market” or “you better buy now” sermon.
REALTORS® need to understand that all consumers have an internal Gray color swatch and are comparing agent's rosy-eyed optimism to what they see on the news and their communities. Currently, they see over 41 million people unemployed, 27 million more without health care, and red eviction notices attached to their doors. This past Memorial Day, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway converted its track into a Food Bank, and families raced to open their car trunks accepting donations of much-needed food.
If agents wish to use the term “New Normal,” they should also bring new methods of conducting business. Disseminating year-over-year housing data using antiquated collection methods is no longer viable since the appearance of Covid-19. REALTORS® must now incorporate consumer-related data sources and blend it with housing averages. The price of speed should include both quality and accuracy.
Clients need to have confidence in our words. It might be acceptable for politicians to have alternative facts or aspirational deadlines; however, REALTORS® need to set an example by having higher standards. When a nation turns its lonely eyes for the truth, level with them, and be what George Bush called a thousand points of light.
Some overzealous REALTORS® are speculating; this will be over soon. Speculation is for Wall Street and not for Main Street or REALTORS®. Currently, all four major U.S. banks have begun restructuring employee roles to handle the increased load of troubled mortgages once loan moratoriums have ended. Additionally, a multitude of corporate bankruptcies have already started and are now working their way through the court system.
Yes, we all agree there are segments of the population in neighborhoods that are less affected by COVID-19. But this pandemic has no zip-code or income borderlines, and everyone should be on notice.
Please understand, as a Director with Texas REALTORS®, I do not wish to disparage my colleagues. I still believe the National Associaton of REALTORS® and Texas REALTORS® are consumers' best hope of getting through this challenging time.
Many of my fellow agents have unselfishly helped those in need. They put their business interest on a back burner and demonstrated the best of what humanity has to offer. Some of them have won a “Good Neighbor Award,” but when I use my Gray color swatch, they all have earned one.
Tomorrow starts today. The New Normal needs to be the New Now, and hopefully, we can all get back to letting color swatches be just color swatches.

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