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Mark Crowder asked 4 months ago

Why doesn't the board have an organized group health insurance plan. Our membership is the size of a small city but there is no group health care offered to us as self employeed contractors. I'm sure Blue Cross Blue Shield would give us a rate structure that would be competitive and beneficial to most of our members.  In today's world, insurance options are very limited to those looking for individual plans. I'm a bit overwhelmed at paying 1100. A month for health care. 

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Danielle Hammett Staff answered 4 months ago

Hey Mark! ABoR would love nothing more than to offer a comprehensive healthcare solution to our members. In fact, we've looked into it. Unfortunately, federal regulations currently prohibit associations like ours from doing so. Our CFO has still been actively researching options all year in the event those regulations change. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out Remedy (, a healthcare delivery on-demand service. ABoR members get a $120 account credit and then 20% off services, which include home doctor's visits and video visits for your and your family. It works with insurance, too! Many of our staff and members have used Remedy and loved it. I hope that helps!

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