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Clarisa Lucia Ramirez asked 7 months ago

We're in process of finalizing our 2019 Public Policy Agenda, which outlines the core issues ABoR advocates for and why these issues are important to REALTORS® and homeowners. Through January 31, we're encouraging ABoR members to review the draft 2019 Public Policy Agenda and let us know of any questions, comments, or suggestions. You can submit your feedback here!

Clarisa Ramirez

Digital and Social Media Lead

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Lilly Rockwell answered 7 months ago

You asked for feedback!

  1. I dislike that the preamble stresses "widest distribution of land." I believe this might be language that comes from NAR, but regardless, I love public lands and public spaces and believe having them nearby actually enhances private property. 
  2. Rental registry - I am FOR it and think ABOR should be as well. I work with a lot of renters because I'm only in my second year. And I love the idea of a rental registry. (I have also represented landlords.) I see a TON of terribly maintained houses run by slumlords in this town, and tenants have little recourse. It's a real problem, as is the fact that the TAR lease form leans heavily in favor of landlords. I strenuously object to including opposition of a rental registry and don't believe it causes an undue burden on landlords. If anything it is too easy to rent as a landlord in this town. Please consider supporting this, it will actually make Realtors look like honest, good people who want to adequately represent renters AND landlords. A lot of your members work with renters.
  3. I like the section on housing and workforce supply but think it's almost too soft. There is a dire need for more affordable housing in this community and just saying we need more supply isn't enough - it makes us look like all we care about are developers. We need more government programs to incentive affordable housing. On that note, thank you for including the section on creative financing options. 
  4. Thrilled you included water on this agenda, and happy it is important to ABOR. I agree with how the issue is summarized and ABOR's plans to tackle it. 
  5. Transportation section - love that it's in there. But I actually wish the language was stronger. The no. 1 thing my clients complain about is traffic - more than even affordability. It's a major problem in this community and it affects quality of life. I would support less of a soft "let's look at cost-benefit" and more of "let's look at every possible solution to this problem, from rail to tolls to bus lanes and get it done."
  6. I endorse the public education section. If there is anything ABoR and TAR's public policy teams should be absolutely obsessed with in the next six months, it's school finance reform. I only wish you had stressed that we need a reform to our recapture policies that do not strip money away from our public schools. (And if you need any help on the Akins partnership, happy to help, I love working with kids.)


Celia answered 7 months ago

I think given our status as the 11th largest city in the country we should not be afraid to emphasize the need to grow our transit routes to coincide with our regional growth.  We are looking at the potential for a 2020 election on the next version of Project Connect and realtors should be able to easily support thoughtful and efficient systems to allow more Central Texans to utilize Transit.  It's safer - it can be faster and it's better for the environment.

bob mckenna answered 7 months ago

school finance
property taxes

Danielle Hammett Staff answered 7 months ago

This is awesome feedback, guys. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide it! 

Cynthia Riley answered 7 months ago

Yes to Lilly Rockwell's wise and progressive comments.  Lilly, I appreciate your thoughtful input.

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