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CathieWard asked 2 weeks ago

I often have clients looking for a particular home style.  Would MLS consider adding a criteria for that?  Some homes probably can't be described, but listings could be searched so much easier if the styles could be chosen such as, contemporary, tuscan, transitional, country, etc.

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Lucas McGIll answered 2 weeks ago

Hello Cathie,
Thank you for providing this feedback. We have been asked about adding Home Style before and it is a tough one for us to consider. Because there are so many different styles of home, it wouldn't take long for this list to be 400 items long. For now what I suggest doing is what is called a "Wild Card" search. Often this information can be found in the Agent Remarks section of a listing. If you surround a word with an asterisk, it will search the remarks for that specific word. So if you wanted to look at Tuscan style homes, simply add "Agent Remarks" as an additional field to your search and type *tuscan* into the Agent Remarks field.
Let me know if you have any further questions or if there is anything I can clarify for you.

Lucas McGill

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