How "AREA" gets determined by ISD rather than City and utilities

Engage PortalCategory: ABoR Strategic PlanHow "AREA" gets determined by ISD rather than City and utilities
Esta Ingle asked 2 weeks ago

I recommend the "Area" be determined by city rather than ISD, especially when the property gets all utilities through the same city as their address. Please let me know the results. 512-779-6966 Thanks!

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Lucas McGill answered 2 weeks ago

Hello Esta,
Thank you for your feedback! MLS Areas were created as a pre-internet way to determine what location a listing may be in. The reason we still keep MLS Area in our system is for those who are still familiar with the way it is set up. MLS Areas are actually not determined by ISD only, there were many other factors involved in the making of MLS Areas, which you can view here:
We will probably not be adjusting how our MLS Areas work because it would disrupt the workflow of those who are used to using them, and Matrix allows the ability to search for listings by city, ISD, etc.
Is there s specific MLS Area you have in mind that is causing you concern?
Lucas McGill

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