I do not have enough information to intelligently vote on the Bylaws.

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AnnJeanette Farrer asked 5 months ago

I downloaded the red-lined version of the bylaws - and could not understand what the changes are and how they will affect me.  I am not an attorney.  So, I looked at the Summary:

  • Better align the Bylaws with current Texas nonprofit corporation law; and
  • Cause the Bylaws to better reflect how ABoR’s membership and management are organized and function

However, this means nothing to me either?  How will changing the Bylaws to better align with current Texas nonprofit corps affect me as a member?  How will they better reflect how ABOR's membership and management are organized and function?  I suggest better communicating the purpose(s) and reasoning behind the changes - you would get better feedback from our membership that better reflects all of us.

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Emily Chenevert, ABoR CEO answered 5 months ago

Thank you for your feedback, I recognize how complicated the redlines are given the substantive nature of the changes made. To begin answering your questions, you need to know our current bylaws have been modeled after the National Association of REALTORS® model bylaws, which have not been updated in many years. NAR stopped requiring Associations to adopt their model over a decade ago and has recently given up on even reviewing our local bylaws, instead opting to request a certification that ABoR includes all of the required language they provide in a small subset of areas throughout the bylaws document. 
With that, the bylaws became out of date as they still matched a national model regardless of how our local practices and operations had changed. A good example of this is in the early section that identifies all of our member types. This section currently houses several member types that are not and have not ever been in use here at ABoR. We streamlined the section to maintain the required member types and an added flexibility for the Board to name honorary members when they choose to do so. This is a little example of how the language did not match any of our current operations. 
Another example like this is that our current bylaws state we certify financial stability by way of a background check of our broker members. We do no such thing and don't have the means to do so, further now that TREC conducts background checks upon application there's no reason for ABoR to be held responsible for that type of inquiry. 
We will work harder to provide more detailed explanations of these types of changes in the future. Feel free to reach out to me directly at echenevert@abor.com with any further questions I can help with. 

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