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Janell Ohm Staff asked 4 weeks ago

The lease term has now changed to two sections: Min lease months and Lease Term. The lease term box does not help if you're searching for a specific length, and I can't use it in conjunction with the min lease months. I've also noticed a few listings now where the lease term is left blank, so it should definitely be required before posting a lease listing. Max lease months needs to be added in again as well.
Pre existing auto-emails I've had for clients searching for short term leases have deleted that criteria, so long term leases were being sent to my client without my knowledge.  

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Will Burnham answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Janell,
Thank you for passing this along. My apologies on the delayed follow up here. We do still have both Minimum Lease Months and Maximum Lease Months as optional fields on input, which can also be used on the search form by adding via the Additional Fields section. But if you're not seeing those two fields on your search form, please let us know.
For Lease Terms, this is a new required field, so any new listings will be required to make a selection to provide some clarity on what the lease terms are. Since this is a new field, listings that were on market did not have any data to map to this field, so some will be blank until the re-visit the input form. But any new listings will have this input to give all eligible results when searching for it.
And we'd want to take a look at which auto emails you had that had criteria deleted. Almost all of the data was remapped but there were some fields that had to be removed. If you have any specific ones for us to review to ensure accuracy long term, please let us know at Thank you again for taking the time provide your feedback.
All the best,

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