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Emily Chenevert, ABoR CEO asked 3 months ago

A lot's changed since 1974, would you agree? I know ABoR has changed since then but I also know that what was important then, is important now- ABoR is a community of professionals dedicated to enhancing homeownership across Central Texas.
I'm focused on 1974 because that's the last time ABoR increased our member fees. A time when just over 2,500 members made up our community and a time when we were much less diverse, much less inclusive and frankly- much less valuable. We're increasing our member fees by $50 this year because it's time. It's time to ensure we can remain financial stable over the long haul. It's time to ensure that when, not if, our market dips we are here to serve you and provide the resources you'll need to remain successful in this industry. ABoR is committed to being the engine that ensures your success and this change will ensure our gas tank is full for a long time. 
We're not just increasing our fees, we're also doubling down on the value we're offering you. Beginning with this renewal, ABoR will cover the cost of your 18 hour CE renewal at no cost. We believe in the power of good education to enhance your professionalism and will offer both online and live classes to cover your renewal so your disposable income can be spent focused on the next-level education you need to stay up to speed in this business. 
Thanks for your continued engagement and keep the feedback coming. We care what you think and we want to keep you going- so let us know how we can help!

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