Jacquelyn Fraley asked 2 months ago

What about Luxury Homes? 

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Will Burnham answered 2 months ago

Hi Jacquelyn,
Thank you for your question. This rule applies to all Residential property types/sub property types regardless of price point. So for example, if the luxury home is a single family residence then the policy would apply. The following property sub types are currently under the Residential property type:

  • Attached 1/2 Duplex
  • Condo
  • House (single family residence)
  • Manufactured
  • Mobile Home
  • Modular
  • Townhouse

The exceptions to the rule under these property sub types would be residential listings that are auctions, foreclosures, or new construction.
I hope this helps! If you have any follow up, please let us know.
Will Burnham, MLS Senior Brand Strategist

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