New to this MLS need webinars or training videos

Engage PortalNew to this MLS need webinars or training videos
648072 Staff asked 8 months ago
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Lucas McGill answered 8 months ago

Hello Delia,

Welcome to ACTRIS. We offer many opportunities for webinars and we keep a number of tips & tricks videos on our YouTube channel. To view what webinars we have coming up, please visit your Matrix home page and you will see a list of our upcoming webinars under your "News & Alerts" widget. To view Matrix tips & tricks on our YouTube channel, please visit:

We also keep our Twitter updated with many webinars and other educational opportunities so please take a look at our Twitter page @ACTRIS_MLS

Thank you for reaching out through our feedback portal. Don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions or feedback for us.

Lucas McGill

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