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Ashley asked 2 weeks ago

The speed bar has been much less useful in the new release.  In order to use it, I have to go back to the Home tab before I can type anything in and get a result.  In any other situation, it is completely useless.

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Will Burnham answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Ashley,
Thank you for this feedback. if possible, can you send screenshots and examples of what you're trying to search to support@abor.com? We have been working with CoreLogic on the speed bar and in most cases it appears to be functioning as expected. One thing to keep in mind is that after searches, the system will add a checkbox with a "+ Other Criteria" selected, meaning it will combine your new speedbar search with your previous search.
But if you're trying to run a search and getting the red error message, we would want to verify what that search was and see if it's an expected speed bar code to use. Any specific examples you can share with support@abor.com will help a lot. Thank you again for letting us know and for your patience as we look closer at that.
Will B

candice rae krasovec answered 4 days ago

I agree it only can be used when you go back home. Else you get an error.  

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