Monica Lozano Staff asked 3 weeks ago

When running the Stats for Median or Average Closed Price, or Price Per Sq Ft, etc. it appears to include rental prices along with sale prices which is swaying the data. One month the median sale price is $430,000 and the next month it is $2,120. One month homes are selling for $200 per sq ft and the next they are selling for $1 per sq ft. Also, the option of choosing "Median Closed Price" comes up twice and each one gives different data. 

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Will Burnham answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Monica,
Thank you for pointing this out. I have passed the issues along to CoreLogic for them to investigate while we also look at those stats to ensure accuracy and pass along specific search criteria to CoreLogic. We should be able to get that double Median Close Price removed to the proper one too, thanks for running both of those to see how/why they would be different results. Thank you for your patience while CoreLogic takes a close look at that.
All the best,

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