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Glen Moss asked 2 months ago

There is a doctor at Boston Medical Center who gives his family a note before starting his fourteen-hour shift. His message to them is, “the community needs me.”
As a Texas Realtor, I also believe; the community needs me.
The community needs me to STAY HOME!
Over the last few weeks, several groups have debated whether or not real estate is an “essential service” and should remain open for business. Yes, it is essential, but we need to halt briefly and create a plan for those in our immediate pipeline. During this pause, we should not be recruiting, searching for new listings, or create showing protocol using untested and home-made therapies.
This year Texas Realtors is celebrating our 100th anniversary. We have been through a great depression, a world war, and the many booms and busts of the oil industry.
Please STAY HOME and make this our finest hour.
Glen Moss, Director-Texas Realtors

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