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Glen Moss asked 7 months ago

The new ABoR…are you in?
Recently, ABoR released a short video; expressing that things have changed in the Association.  It ends with asking its members “are you in?”  The campaign has gained national attention and has been reported in real estate channels such as Inman News.
If you are a weathered ABoR member, there is a good chance you have witnessed complacency, chaos and lawsuits.  And, may have asked, “why should I get involved?”   While I can't decide for you, I hope to give an example of what happens when people do get involved.
When the second world war ended, the Japanese economy was devastated.  A small bicycle manufacturer, working out of his garage, wrote a letter to over 10,000 bicycle enthusiasts living in Japan.  He described in his letter, by working together they could rebuild Japan.  The path would be difficult,  filled with hardships, and they would need the wisdom to create new values without being bound by the established standards.
The call was answered not by only  bicycle riders, but engineers, designers and inventors.  They each played a role, and a willingness to get involved.
The author of the letter was Soichiro Honda, founder of the Honda Motor Car Company. 
With that in mind, I hope to reach the more than 10,000 ABoR members with a request to get involved.  Yes, there have been missteps and things I did not entirely agree.  Yet, we have an opportunity to be part of something bigger than ourselves.
Changes have been coming to our industry at hyper speed and will continue to do so.
No matter you're current member status, be it a new Realtor or seasoned Broker; ABoR needs you.  The path will be difficult and filled with hardships, but by working together, I believe we can renovate ABoR.
The video demonstrates a willingness to change and has extended an invitation to every member.  Please accept it. 
 I’m In!
Glen Moss   owner New Normal Realty

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Danielle Hammett Staff answered 7 months ago

I'm so glad to hear that you're in, Glen! Thank you for your feedback and joining our call for member engagement. Looking forward to working alongside you in 2019! (And I know you have some good property leasing and management content ideas, so let's hear 'em!

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