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Glen Moss asked 5 months ago

The following is my thoughts on the upcoming ABoR election process.
When the ancient gladiators walked into the area, they had these words on their lips; “I come here to win, but if I don’t win, let me be brave in the attempt.” 
Eunice Kennedy Shriver spoke those words at the very first Special Olympics in the summer of 1968.  And today, it remains the oath of all athletes who participate in the games.
With this in mind, I congratulate all those walking into the leadership arena and a word for those who will vote for them.
In our recent bylaws revision, we voted to have both vetted and write-in candidates scheduled in our elections.  To that end, ABoR members still have an opportunity to consider running for one of the available positions.  Additionally, it transfers the responsibility of choosing our leaders through an open member election.
Courage was a necessary skill when fighting other gladiators, but it also might be helpful in today's boardroom.  We now live in a time when new talents and applications are necessary. 
Moreover, social media is taking a higher priority in peoples lives.  Elections can be won or lost by proclamations going viral.  Together, both candidates and voters need to be aware of posting items on these sites which might temporarily neglect parts of our Realtor® oath.
The first Special Olympics had less than 100 people watching from the viewing stands of the 80,000 seat stadium.  Nevertheless, with vision and hard work, it is now known around the world with over 5 million athletes participating.
As a leader of ABoR, you too will be asked to work hard and share its vision.  I think you will agree as a Realtor®; old ways won't open new doors.  Be the change you wish to see in our industry and be brave in the attempt.
Good luck to all the candidates and us.
*Full disclosure note; I was a staff volunteer at the first Special Olympics.  My time there was spent out of a sense for duty to her brother Bobby Kennedy.  His presidential campaign was to be my introduction to politics, but unfortunately, his life and vision ended just seven weeks before the start of the games.  I have no intention of running for an ABoR position.

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Clarisa Ramirez Staff answered 5 months ago

Glen, thank you for your feedback and for sharing your insight.
Clarisa Ramirez, Social Media & Digital Lead

Glen Moss answered 5 months ago

Your welcome.

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