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As of January 4, 2022, all ABoR members who have not completed the Cycle 6 Code of Ethics training required by NAR have been suspended from ABoR and ACTRIS MLS services. To restore ABoR and MLS access, complete your Cycle 6 Code of Ethics training by February 28 (multiple options are listed below) and send a completion certificate to Code of Ethics incidents will be resolved as soon as a member’s NRDS record is updated with Code of Ethics completion. Please allow up to two business days for processing.

If your ABoR or MLS services have been suspended, and if you're unsure if it's due to the Code of Ethics requirement, you can check your standing here or in your ABoR Member Portal.

Important Note: All member accounts that have not fulfilled the Code of Ethics requirement by February 28, 2022, will be terminated and subject to reapplication fees. Taking a Code of Ethics course in January-February 2022 will only count towards Cycle 6; NAR and ABoR will begin offering Cycle 7 Code of Ethics courses in March 2022.

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Take a Code of Ethics class through ABoR On-Air.

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Take the FREE online CoE course through AceableAgent–just for ABoR members!

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Complete NAR’s Commitment to Excellence program FREE for existing members.

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Take an online CoE training through NAR.

BROKERSClick here to request a list of agents in your office who have not yet completed their CoE requirement.