How can I email information on my new listing or advertisements to Austin REALTORS®? Can I buy an email list from ABoR?

ABoR does not provide member e-mail addresses. In light of the FTC's CAN-SPAM Act, we advise members to be very cautious in sending out mass e-mails. For more information on the CAN-SPAM Act, visit the FTC's website.

Every week, ABoR receives feedback from frustrated members who are overwhelmed with junk e-mail. By distributing unsolicited messages, you could be encouraging other agents to block your e-mail address. This can create far-reaching problems for your business. Once an agent has blocked your address, any messages you send to him or her will automatically be moved to a junk e-mail folder or deleted. The breakdown in agent to agent communication can be devastating, particularly since many REALTORS® prefer to communicate electronically.

Although e-mail can be a powerful tool, improper use turns it into a destructive force. When sending e-mails, ABoR advises that you limit your messages to agents who have expressed an interest in receiving your mailings.


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