How is "control" defined in the IDX policy?

For purposes of the IDX policy, “control” means participants must have the ability to add, delete, modify, and update information as required by the IDX policy. All displays of IDX listings must also be under the actual and apparent control of the participant, and must be presented to the public as being the participant’s display. Actual control requires that the participant has developed the display, or caused the display to be developed for the participant pursuant to an agreement giving the participant authority to determine what listings will be displayed, and how those listings will be displayed.

Apparent control requires that a reasonable consumer viewing the participant’s display will understand the display is the participant’s, and that the display is controlled by the participant. Factors evidencing control include, but are not limited to, clear identification of the name of the brokerage firm under which the participant operates in a readily visible color and typeface, except as otherwise provided for in the IDX policy (e.g. displays of minimal information).


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