What is the difference between IDX, Listing Syndication, and Internet Display?

Internet Data Exchange (IDX), Listing Syndications, and Internet Display are not the same thing. Although opting out of one may result in opting out of another, they are not all mutually exclusive.

  • Internet Data Exchange (IDX): IDX is the sharing of listings with other brokers for the public to see. The choice is primarily a blanket opt‐in or opt‐out; if brokers opt-out, then they are not allowed to feature other brokers’ listings on their own websites.
  • Internet Display: Internet Display is a choice that sellers/owners find in the listing agreement form. Internet Display options allow sellers to give permission to their listing agents to advertise homes on the Internet. Sellers also have the option of advertising their homes for sale on AustinHomeSearch.com, realtor.com and TexasRealEstate.com.
  • Listing Syndication: Listing syndication websites advertise properties online. Listing syndicators typically aren’t a part of the real estate brokerage business, rather, they are focused on advertising generation or they are lead generators that sell leads to agents. NAR provides a list of considerations for brokers who are deciding where and under what terms to permit the display of their listings.

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