What is TREPAC and why must I invest?

TREPAC is an acronym for Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee. All major associations and industries have political action committees. Elected officials and regulatory bodies are targets of severe lobbying on a daily basis to change public policy. Every legislative or regulatory change has a positive or negative affect on someone or some industry.

The real estate industry is one most heavily regulated industries in this country; it is essential that REALTORS® as a voluntary organized association be organized and be proactive to advise elected officials and influence public policy in order to protect private property rights, the real estate licensee, and the homebuyer. A well-intentioned law can have unintended consequences on a REALTOR®.

Your minimum voluntary investment of $45 is one of the most effective ways to raise funds to support candidates, elected officials and issues that promote the interests of the consumer and the REALTOR®. The $45 investment is on your annual ABoR dues billing and is a voluntary investment. We call it an investment because you are investing in your profession, the principles of private property rights, and a market driven economy. Your investment finances political campaigns of endorsed candidates, advocacy programs, and activities that inform the public and the political leadership of who we are and how we are contributing to the community and the economy.


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