What options are available to REALTORS®?

When a property is listed on ABoR’s MLS system, both the seller (via the listing agent) and the broker have Internet display options.

The seller, via their trusted listing agent, can prohibit their listing from being placed on any Internet site. Alternatively, they can prohibit the address of their property from being posted on any Internet site. If the seller opts‐out of having their property listed on the Internet, it cannot be displayed on Virtual Office Websites (VOWs), third‐party sites, trusted sites like realtor.com, AustinHomeSearch.com, TexasRealEstate.com, nor IDX sites. Sellers can also direct that automated valuation and/or third‐party comments be disabled or discontinued with respect to their properties.

The broker currently makes the majority of decisions regarding Internet display options. Currently, brokers make the blanket opt‐in or opt‐out decision in regards to IDX.


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