Global Business Alliance Network Launch

ABoR Global's rapidly growing programming is going to a new level this month.

ABoR Global: 2018 to Now

ABoR Global is having a moment. Last fall, our Board of Directors made some bold decisions to overhaul our committee structure in favor of a more nimble structure of operational committees, advisory groups, and ongoing member feedback opportunities so that our members could better engage with ABoR and our MLS on their own terms.

The five-member Global Advisory Group, previously known as the Global Committee, is one such example. Supported by an on-staff Global Liaison, the Global Advisory Group appointed nine Global Ambassadors, who help report real estate news and information from around the world.

ABoR Global doubled its Global Lunch & Learn programming-- including ABoR's first-ever bilingual event-- and has seen a 300 percent increase in attendance. We've also created a Global Handbook that helps members get started in building and sustaining a global real estate business.

And, more importantly, ABoR Global has engaged with members who have never attended ABoR programming previously. Highlighting the group’s success, ABoR CEO Emily Chenevert said it best in REALTOR® AE Magazine: "This structure gave the global council members more control over developing programs to meet their needs, which may not happen if everything has to be approved by board members who may not be well-versed in international transactions." 

Enter the Global Business Alliance

This week, we offered a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) Institute designation, taught by K. Duncan Martin, II of Duncan Martin Insights —packaged with the At Home with Diversity (AHWD) Certification taught by ABoR member and Academy instructor, Socar Chatmon-Thomas of Elegant Estates by Auction.

The icing on the cake will be our Global Business Alliance Network Launch Party tomorrow. The group is for ABoR Global members who are fully committed to developing or growing their international real estate business through networking, education, and access to resources. 

Also, save the date for ABoR Global's Lunch & Learn, Globetrotting, Expat Life and Selling Green Cards! on October 23.

This is Part I in a series on ABoR Global. Learn more about Austin's green building initiatives next week.


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