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Q1: What is GoMLS Austin?

A1: GoMLS Austin is a new MLS free app that you use to search and edit listings, and share with your clients via text, email, or social media.

Q2: Is there a charge for downloading goMLS Austin?

A2: No. GoMLS Austin is free to download from the App store and Google Play. Your typical data rates will apply.

Q3: Where can I download the app?

A3: Visit the App store or Google Play on your mobile device, search for GoMLS Austin, and install it.

Q4: Can clients download the app on their own?

A4: Yes. However, if you do not share the app with clients, they will not receive a branded version of the app with your profile. Clients can download the app from the App store or Google Play on their own, view your contact information within individual listings, and connect with you at any time. To stay better connected with your clients, we recommend you share the app with them. Once they download the app, using the link you provided to them via social media, text, or email, they will see the agent-branded version.

Q5: Do my clients need to install the app for me to send them listings?

A5: You can send them a saved search or property listing using text, email, or social media. To chat with clients using HomeAssist, your clients will have to download the app.

Q6: I used to have MLS Touch. Why should I use goMLS Austin now?

A6: GoMLS Austin has a higher level of integration with Matrix and has features like social sharing and HomeAssist to connect with clients remotely.

Q7: Are there any classes or trainings on goMLS Austin?

A7: There’s a mobile tools course scheduled for June 22 and we plan to have more scheduled this fall. Check the calendar for “MLS on the Go: Mobile Tools You Can Use” and sign up today!

Q8: What am I allowed to edit in goMLS Austin?

A8: You can edit listing status, price, and remarks.

Q9: Where can I find additional information on goMLS Austin?

A9: Visit the goMLS Austin webpage for the user guide and other materials.


Q10: Why am I unable to see certain features in goMLS Austin?

A10: You must be logged in as an agent. Make sure when you are in the login screen, you have the “agent login” tab selected before logging in. You must enter your login credentials to access your Matrix profile.


Q11: Who can I contact if I need help with goMLS Austin?

A11: Contact 866-776-0661 or email products@abor.com.


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