Harnessing the Power of ACTRIS

Our 2020 Matrix Update enabled ACTRIS to catch up to the 21st century and standardize its data, and we’ve been busy helping our subscribers navigate these changes. But even before the update, our MLS team habeen producing an array of training resources to show our agents how they can work smarter as our software and tools evolve. Whether you’re new to ACTRIS or are a seasoned subscriber, read on to make sure you’re getting the most out of the MLS now. 

Current MLS Resources

Starting with our MLS Knowledge Centerour new and improved ABoR.com has breathed life into our online presence, making it easier than ever to point ACTRIS subscribers to the latest MLS updates and training resources. If you haven’t yet bookmarked this page, we recommend doing so if only for the fact that all newsworthy information regarding the MLS will eventually find a home on this page. From updates to quick tips, the MLS Knowledge Center will keep you informed on all things ACTRIS.  

Speaking of MLS Quick Tip videos, we front-loaded a total of 16 new videos just last year! Touching on everything from MLS Statuses to Adding a Listing in Matrix, these videos have become a lifesaver for ACTRIS subscribers working around the clock. We even created videothat correspond with the new ABoR.com, such as our ABoR.com Property Search and Find an Agent videosto show members how to take advantage of the tools both our members and their clients have at their fingertips. But you haven’t seen the last of our MLS Quick Tip series yet! 

This year, we’ll be picking up where we left off, expanding our library so you have access to the tips you need 24/7. With the help of our esteemed ABoR instructors, the MLS team will continue to roll out videos that make navigating the MLS, and its tools, a breeze. 

In addition to our MLS Quick Tip videos, last year we began creating downloadable resources, too. Subscribers can find resources, such as our MLS Product Comparisonwhich compares Matrix product features, such as Remine Pro and Homesnap Proto get an idea of what each of these products can do to support your business. Visit the “ACTRIS MLS Resources” section of our Document Library today to find helpful guides and more! 

Finally, 2020 saw the development of our ACTRIS ACCESS MLS pop-up notification. It provides seasoned and rookie agents alike with a weekly lineup of webinars focused on keeping your mind sharp and your business on track. Remember to check the “News & Alerts” section in Matrix and the @ACTRIS_MLS Twitter feed weekly for fresh content curated for MLS subscribers who want to expand their skill set and generate more leads. 

What's Next for ACTRIS

2020 signaled a time to buckle down and prepare our MLS subscribers for important updates to Matrix, including a brand-new ABoR.com website, by ensuring that they have all the tools necessary to streamline workflows and harness the power of the MLSNow, in 2021, we’re ramping up our content production and adding more training resources than ever before. Stay tuned to our MLS Knowledge Center and MLS pop-up regarding our upcoming “ACTRIS RELEASE"—release notes to keep you in the know on all technical updates within the MLS. 

Need to brush up on MLS resources on ABoR.com? Be sure to read our blog, ABoR.com Top 10: MLS & Member Resources.